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What makes us Billion Euro Enterprises?

We’re on a mission to reform several business industries by bringing our customers the best online business programs the world has ever seen. Period. We’re here to help nurture & grow the next generation of agencies, coaches & consultants and eCommerce owners. Through our community, we are on our way to have an exclusive group of customers of all stages that we help grow in business. A lot of services right now are outdated, invalid & overpriced. Our products, services and programs aim to deliver 10x the impact on your income for a fraction of the cost of your time, effort and money.

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At Billion Euro Enterprises, we create unique customer experiences, challenge the status quo and help people around the world to live better quality lives. For a decade, in several business industries, our purpose is to change business for good.

Road to The Goal.

A global business that's building a community of business owners and individuals to all help each other grow and scale their companies, and in time, reduce human trafficking and famine around the world.

Krisna Negara
CEO, Billion Euro Enterprises

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